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Edward Gibson

Why Cheese?

Eddie Gibson was born a dairy farmer in as much as any son or daughter that chooses to follow in their parents’ footsteps is born to continue the family business. While the economic benefits of dairy farming over the years have at best been sufficient, the intangible rewards are many. For that reason, dairy farming is their way of life. The Gibson family has produced raw milk with the help of about 50 Holstein cows in partnership with Eddie’s dad and then on his own almost forever.

cheese1The milk has always been marketed through a co-op and delivered to various corporate processors. Soon, because of the “bigger is better” way of doing business, this form of marketing will no longer sustain their small farm way of life. Eddie’s goal is to preserve the dairy farm for his family; therefore, he has decided to change and enter the cheese-making business. Early in 2013, about 400 gallons of raw milk was hauled to an artisan cheese maker in Taylorsville, KY to be processed, aged and packaged as farmstead cheese.


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