The Gibson family has always focused on the care and comfort of our dairy animals and a visit to the farm shows this!  Located just northeast of Walton, Kentucky, Ed-Mar Dairy is a mix of old time tradition and the very latest dairy production technology.  The cows enjoy stalls with fresh bedding. High volume fans to keep them cool on hot days. Top quality chopped corn and sweet smelling alfalfa hay, mixed with a nutritionally balanced blend of grains containing minerals and vitamins, delivered twice daily for free-choice consumption. On sunny days the cows have access to the lush hills of the Gibson farm. And besides lots of baby calves with their own little “calf” houses, there are also bee hives to see where we collect our honey.

Thanks for allowing us to come and learn about the dairy farm. Had a wonderful time! Got some great cheese and honey! We’ll be back!
Donna Flannery

But the most important aspect for the high-pedigreed Holstein cows on our farm is access to the milking machine at their choosing.   Our dairy features Kentucky’s first robotic milking facility used to collect the high quality milk for making our delicious cheeses. What once was time-consuming, monotonous, back-breaking work is done with a robot that senses and records everything we need to know about the cows’ eating habits and milk production.

Extended farm tours of Ed-Mar Dairy for large groups are available at $6/person with a minimum $100 per group (or 17 people) required.

Please call 859-620-1860 to set up a tour.

My class took a tour of Ed Mar Dairy. The tour was very educational and my students enjoyed learning about the farm.  Eddie was very accommodating to my student’s learning needs.  He allowed them to see all parts of the operation and answered all questions.  He provided us with an amazing hands on educational opportunity and we will definitely return.
Caitlyn Sullivan
Exceptional Education Teacher
Walton-Verona High School