Just inside the southwest border of Kenton County you’ll discover Ed-Mar Dairy, an award-winning farm owned and operated by Eddie and Marcy Gibson. The farm is settled on 130 acres in Walton, KY. The Gibson family has been producing quality milk for generations. In 2013 cheese making was added to help extend the life of the small farm.

A herd of 55 cows produces the 600 gallons of milk every day that is processed into the milk we buy at the grocery and into Ed-Mar Dairy’s raw milk cheeses. Both our raw milk and pasteurized cheeses, are hand-crafted using pure, simple ingredients. No antibiotics and no artificial hormones are present in our milk, ever. Our cheeses can be found in many of the area’s best restaurants, specialty markets, farmer’s markets, wineries and butcher shops.

Ed-Mar Dairy’s cows enjoy a clean and comfortable home in a freestall barn with individual beds. When the weather allows, they’re let out to pasture each day. They eat a healthy, balanced diet, the foundation of producing the highest quality milk and the most delicious cheeses. “Pearl”, the state’s first robotic milking machine lives at Ed-Mar Dairy and allows the cows to milk 24 hours a day, whenever they choose.

Plan your visit today to tour the dairy, meet our cows, bottle feed a calf, watch “Pearl” the robot at work, sample and purchase our delicious cheeses and local honey and take a ride around our beautiful land.