Eddie Gibson is a 4th generation dairy farmer. Even as a young boy he worked alongside his father learning the in’s and out’s of their dairy operation. In 1982, Eddie took over the family business.

By 2006, Eddie moved the dairy to a farm that was originally owned by his wife’s grandparents in Walton, KY. Settled on 130 rolling acres, the Gibson family constructed new, state-of-the-art milking facilities to house their 50 Holstein cows. Corn and clover are grown on the land for the sole purpose of feeding the herd.

Not only do the cows at Ed-Mar Dairy enjoy a comfortable environment in their freestall barn with individual sandbeds, but also they enjoy a very clean environment. Their facility is equipped with a twice daily flush system that keeps the barn safe and clean. In nice weather they have access to pasture. But perhaps best of all they have a robotic milking machine to milk the cows whenever THEY choose to be milked. The cows produce an impressive 550-600 gallons of the highest quality milk each day – perfect for making Ed-Mar Dairy’s Farmstead Cheese!

Check out the video above for a general overview of the farm and to see how Eddie used to milk BEFORE the robot! Below is a short clip of how the robot does the work now!